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ບາງການເຄື່ອນໄຫວຂອງຂ້າພະເຈົ້າທັງເວລາຍັງນ້ອຍ ແລະ ປະຈຸບັນ。


Welcome all to AMATA SANASINH Personel Website and access to Lao PDR and for all kids in the world and I think he will learn more words to get communicate with you and exchange the views with you to share some experiences,please feel free to contact him by Letter toCONTACT

ທ້າວອະມະຕະ ທີ່ໜອງຄາຍ

When he was young he travelled with his father to many parts of the country and abroard for touring and he learned more about the life of ownself and everywhere he went were many things wonderful and surprised with many kinds of environments & socials,maybe he learned how to survival in the present of environmental and I think that from now on he will fight for going ahead to successful with job and private life。


ເກັມ ທີ່ສ້າງເພື່ອຄວາມມ່ວນຊື່ນ

You can Play the Game by Click the Link and Open the File,after that you could Click Action twice (実行) and it will on the screen and you can enjoy them by open the file and start to play,in the case you want to do more you should click start to play the game and it will work automatically and please enjoy but " Time Is Money " or you may play about 2 hours at least。Or if you want to have one please feel free to Download here:.Before you make Download you must install the Express Zip in your Computer first。


I think it is not difficult for you to make a calculation,only you open the file = (ファイルを聞く)and to do as you want but you must take care because your teacher will make you pay an attenttion when you using the machine in the Classroom and hope you will relax and joyful with Easy Calculator Machine。You can Download here:。Before you make Download you must install the Express Zip in your Computer first。


◇住所: P.O.Box 073,Km 20, Khamkeut, Bolikhamxay, Lao (ラオス)。
◇電話番号: 030-5108445 / ポンペン村・カムケット市・ボリカムサイ県・ラオス。
◇学校: ポンペン村立学校。中学校(年度 2013-2026)
◇サイト: 父のサイト。保護者。
◇問い合わせ: 【是非・問い合わせ】問い合わせフォーム

目標にコミットしよう!3ヶ月でTOEIC190点相当UPの実績! 日本人コンサルタントとの二人三脚で「自己学習」の習慣が身に着く 3ヶ月コーチング型オンライン英会話【産経オンライン英会話】